Tolsma Technik LLC  is a company that represents a number of European manufacturers specialized in storing, handling and processing equipment for vegetables, fruits and berries. Our partners come mainly from the Netherlands but also Italy and Belgium.

Having the experience and knowledge of our partners, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for farmers, vegetable and fruit-berry logistics centres, as well as for companies specializing in handling and processing vegetables and fruits. Our customer service department provides services for installation and maintenance of the equipment we supply.

Some of the modern solutions that we provide are:

  • cooling and ventilation systems for storage of products such as, potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage and beets, as well as solutions for storing vegetables in bulk and in boxes.
  • sorting and packing lines for vegetables, fruits and berries including washing, polishing, etc.
  • innovative lines for deep processing of potatoes to create products such as, dried mashed potatoes, French fries, potato chips, semi-finished mashed potato goods, as well as peeled and cut potatoes packed in a vacuum packaging
  • machines and lines for cleaning (peeling) of vegetables
  • equipment for different style types of cutting vegetables, meat and cheese
  • high quality packing machines for sourcing maximum possible selection of a quality product
  • sorting and packaging equipment for berries
  • machinery for drying fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and others

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